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"Sometimes in sculpture, it's interesting to me what's stylized and what's natural and how those forms interrelate, as they interrelate in ourselves."            

                                            Charles Ray

About the Artist

The Artist

I moved to Nova Scotia drawn to the natural beauty of the land. I walked along the beaches collecting rocks, sea glass, and occasional semi-precious stones. I became paralyzed by a freak virus, and as I spent months in the hospital recovering, I began to make wire trees. They taught me patience, filled my space with their strength, and the beauty of the stones healed my soul. I hope these sculptures may speak something special to those who touch and hold them, perhaps bringing them a glimpse of something precious within.

Sea Glass

Ahhhhh the unique ocean polished sea glass gems, scavenged along the shorelines of Nova Scotia, give lively colors to my sculptured trees and figurines. 

The sea glass is rolled and tumbled by the waves and currents against the sand and rocks to create that sleek, smooth frosted glass.. It is nature's own creative sculpture. 

What does the sculpture say to you

Each sculpture says something to someone; each sculpture is unique.   Not only is the sculpture pleasing to the eye, but many say that it brings out memories and emotions, such as sitting under a willow tree in the fall or fishing in that quiet lake. 

Giving the sculpture as a gift says to the person they are unique and special.

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